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Favorite fried food

That Fallout Nerd

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I've had fried ice cream before. It's very good! Slightly off topic...I've also had Ginger ice cream. That's award winning good!

Ginger Ice cream? Oooh. I've yet to try that! Is it like gingerbread cookies?

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My mom's fried chicken is miraculous. I'm also fond of fried clams, which I first tasted in Nantasket, Massachusettes when I was little, and it was magic. Oh, and I mustn't forget the deep fried Vietnamese spring rolls made by some college students of my dad's. Those qualify as the best ANYTHING I've ever had.

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On 2015-02-03 at 7:53 PM, Red Star~ said:

And last but DEFINITELY not least...Fried Icecream~ Yes, I said it...FRIED ICECREEEEEEAAAM!


Oh yeah!!! I haven't had fried ice cream in forever!


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