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Matthew, I just want to let you know I am hyped for this project. I can't really contribute much, but one thing I could do if you so wished would be to read/review lyrics. Or possibly even write some. I have experience writing poetry and have occasionally written what would be lyrics to songs if I could actually play any instruments (one day.....), but my inexperience (well, inability) with writing music might hinder my songwriting ability (though I don't think it will, at least not very much). If you want to see some of the things I've written, I could show you some.... (But if you don’t need any more lyric-writers, that’s cool too. I shall wait hyped and patiently for this project regardless.) (I need to stop using brackets so much)


Also, I would offer to voice act but it looks like the only roles left are females. And I really don't know how well I would do anyways; I have acting experience, but not much voice acting experience (well, I guess acting in a play technically includes acting with a voice, so I guess if you count that...). And I don't personally think my voice sounds very ponyish (if that's a thing (and not just me coming up with another excuse why I wouldn't be a good voice-actor because I'm too shy to try it)). But I'm just putting this out there on the small off-chance that you'll have a minor male voice part and not care much about how the voice sounds as long as the person can act.


And if nothing else, I'd always be up for hearing unfinished versions of songs and giving what feedback I can on them.


Sorry for posting this like a month after the thread was started—I did see this a couple weeks ago but wanted to think about it before responding, and then I kind of forgot about it and then just remembered today.

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I'm always open to do backing vocals as a bass singer or vocals for Discord if you need. My YouTube is in my signature.

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Are you still looking for writers? I love poetry and if you need a sample I can email you something. :)

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If you're still in need of members for the project,


I'm a slight newcomer to composing and I've had four years of experience in percussion.

Given that experience, my compositions tend to be more percussion based with the beats leading the track while the rest of the chords and melodies following it.

I've composed several tracks (most of them instrumentals) that have ranged from pop to rock.

I have composed tracks where elements that would exist in orchestral instrumentals are present, however, I haven't composed anything that was fully orchestral.


My singing voice isn't much for lead vocals (especially high notes, but low notes can make my voice sounds somewhat decent), so if needed, I could do backup vocals.


If you are still in need of artists, I do work in traditional art and digital art.

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Is it bad if I'm young? I can draw and write very well. I usually get inspirations from music. I could play or sing but I don't have the equipment

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