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(I've been watching the remade series on netflix and it is actually quiet good without all the miss translations)


Long Ago there where two forces. One of light and one of darkness. These forces are what made the foundation of Equestria the darkness creating the vast hills and valleys, the rivers and streams, the great oceans, even the night time sky was created by the darkness. After this was created the Light created the living creates wether it by the average unicorn or the common squill it was created by the light which then created the sun and the morning sky. Though in this age there was no law so many of the creatures did whatever pleased them and many creatures did do whatever they wanted. That was until Discord attacked the many creatures of Equestria and threatened to destroy it but, two ponies stronger than any other stood up against him and turned him to stone using the power of light. Though the victory didn't come without a price. The two forces separated and became Chaos and Harmony and a war between them had only just begun. So to prepare for the war a tree named the Tree of Harmony was planted and with it's power 6 individuals we're able to fend off the Chaos and usher in an age of Peace. Many years have passed sense then and the tree of harmony has begun to wilt. Once it dies it will leave a seed that once planted is rumored to give the pony one wish but, getting it won't be easy, in fact a whole new war is about to take place, a holy war between 7 individuals.



I assume that if you clicked on this you know what Fate Stay Night is about but, if you don't here is a quick run down.


basically 7 people in this case ponies go up against each other in what is known as the holy war assisted by a servant who is a heroic spirit (some famous person in history) Each Master-Servant pairing fight until only one servant (masters don't have to die) remains. That servant and master will both get a wish from the holy grail which can either be bad or good.





      This RP takes place in a city similar to where the original Fate Stay Night takes place just ponied. Though it isn't always in one spot, other locations like a castle in the forest will be in the RP as well as long as it is in the same general area of the anime.


Da Rulez

  1. Servants will fall under the same classes as before (Rider is now Axe which is just a more offensive but, slower version of Saber.) so don't make up one like mechanist
  2. Masters can't e stronger than a Servant. This doesn't mean the have to be trash they just can't go around destroying other peoples servants
  3. Masters may use magic but, any race can be accepted
  4. When RPing refer to servants by their class like in the anime but, they will still be historical figures (made up for the MLP universe or real).
  5. You can play as a servant if you want as long as they are a pony as well (same goes to Masters making up their own servant)
  6. Both Master and Servant Require a Bio
  7. I will allow only one servant per class
  8. Servant's aren't unbeatable. Though I don't advice Servant deaths until late.
  9. Unless the master has come from a line of mages you won't know if they are one and even then it is hard to tell a mage from a regular person so don't have your characters assume that another pony is a mage right off the bat unless there is evidence laid out for them that they are part of the war.
  10. Any witnesses of the war will be killed so no non mage or servant characters or they may end up with a lance in there gut, Though I will allow side characters to be non mages as long as they don't find out or at the very least their death is quick.




       The Classes are simple RPG Classes that pertain to what the Servant's story is. For example the Lancer class is given to swift spirits, Archer is given to Stealthy and accurate shooting spirits, assassin is given to swift and crafty spirits born to kill, Berserker is given to strong and very Brutal spirits, Caster is given to witches and trickster spirits (Star Swirl and Twilight would count as Casters but, Casters are usually evil so I say neigh), Axe (the one I added for this to replace Rider) Are varied but, are usually high in physical skill and Saber is given to knights with honor (generally Saber is king Arthur but, you can do whatever.


​Bios (EVERYPONY'S FAVORITE!  :ph34r: .)







Current Servant:(Real name then "Class Name")

Magic Ability: (What can they do to help their servant.)

Description:(a Pic would be best)

Personality:what is he or she like?

Back story: What is their history



I will accept a link to a character as long as Magic Ability, Wish and Current Servant are filled out on this thread.







Current Master:

Weapon:(Casters can just say what type of magic they use)



Backstory: (What part did this Heroic Spirit play in history)



Unless you have made a special OC for this one moment then I will not accept links as part of a bio.


My Turn!


Name:Clock Work

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Current Servant:None yet

Magic Ability: Barrier. He can create an unbreakable barrier that he can move around too protect him and his servant but, he can only have one out at a time.

Description: A Light blue smug looking unicorn with a stylish blue main and green eyes. He isn't too tall and has a less then average build but, he's not exactly skinny either.

Personality: He is smart and cunning and spends most of his time making machines and will only enter a fight if he can win. Though he has a bit of a temper when it comes to people breaking his stuff and can be a bit to cautious but, that doesn't mean he won't go all out to succeed.

Back story: As a colt he dreamed of becoming a world famous engineer and got his cutie mark after making an small bot named Mona that shot balls. As he got older he began to upgrade from balls to paint balls and eventually was able to make a smalll drone that could shoot darts but, it was mainly for surveillance. With the new holy war he finds himself going yet another step and making a bit more extreme models but, he is an engineer all the same.

Wish: To gain the power to make any machine he wants within an instant. He could do whatever he wanted with that kind of power.


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Too good to miss, I'll join. Can't write my application right now though.

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it's fine it was about 11:00 for me when I wrote the last part so I'll make my own bio today.

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Yes as long as it is a creature from the MLP universe and meets the class requirements. Servants have a ot of leeway because Berserker was literally the demigod Hercules. The only thing I won't approve are non cannon mlp creatures and humans.

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One of my favorite animes, guess i'll tag along. Dunno when i'll write the app

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