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Lets get the discussion rolling on the newest (couple months old now) iteration of Rainbow Six. How are you enjoying the game? Anything you particularly like or dislike? What rank are you? Favourite operators?





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As said in my review I did shortly after release, I give the game around an 8/10 :D


I really love the mechanics and there is so much potential for competitive play, y'know, if they can fix and iron out the bugs :P


I would have to say my favourite operators would be Sledge, Frost, Doc and Twitch ^.^

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Those are my current stats...I think I play the game a little bit too much.


My favourite operators atm are Jager and Frost on defence, Buck and IQ on attack.


Jager: I adore his weapon, slap an acog on that beauty and its practically an assault cannon. His ability comes in really handy on most maps as well, assuming the enemy don't have a Thatcher.


Frost: She has a blatantly OP shotgun but its so fun to use. Her ability can be really dirty as well but I cant get enough of the bear trap kills.


Buck: He's a selfish operator but I've fallen in love with his C8 and skeleton-key combo, it comes in handy often.


IQ: I used to dislike her quite a bit but recently when her Aug got fixed to lessen the recoil I fell in love with her. She's light on her feet and with her Aug + flashbang combo I can pretty much clear rooms instantly.



My favourite operators tend to change around a bit over time so my current favourites likely wont be the same in a month.

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Not sure if I should post here since I have not yet played the game BUT, I have heard many great things about it. and many have told me that the critics were quite off with this one. It is a game that I definitely will at least rent to see what's up. 

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