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leaving the forums tonight....

Starbright Sparkle

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I hate to do this but after coming back again its kinda the same ol thing and for those who still want to contact me i have a discord app i dont have or use my skype anymore,  just message me the name and ill add ya also its nothing personal or anything just need to focus more on work and finding a more better job i will miss you all <3


and for those who want to add me on psn : Snowy_Frost

my trophy level is lv4 (incase there is 2 same user names lol)



admins : i will message you tonight to delete or deactivate the profile.

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@Starbright Sparkle, unfortunately I'm locking this because posts like this would be better as a blog entry.


Good luck with everything. I hope you change your mind and just take some time away rarher than leaving forever. There's no time limit after all. :P


Take care.

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