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hearths warming contest Stolen Songs :(


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Ugh, this is a post I hope I didn't have to write. If you've read our terms, you'll know that we've taken a hard stance against stealing tracks. Well, I've just had to write an email to one of our entrants explaining why he is now banned from all Pony.fm contests.


These things only work well when people play fair. We don't have any Content ID system to detect stolen tracks, luckily we have a group of hard working people who know the brony music scene like the back of their hand.


Let me make this very clear, I love the community, you guys put out some great content. But if you're going to steal someone else's track, change the name and album art, and upload it to your account, just to try and make a quick buck. You have no place in this community. The whole point of this contest is to reward our creators, big and small. To do something nice for the holidays.


We're reviewing every track submitted to the Hearth's Warming Contest for copyright infringement.


I don't want to have to write another post like this.

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Amen, brother.  No one likes to have their content stolen, and it's not fair for those who want to enter the contest.  Take this as a warning, as consequences will ensue when you do things like this.

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