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What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?


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Amazing in moderation.

When I lived in Sweden there was consistent snow throughout the winter-time but always in manageable quantities, and it was delightful. I live in England now, and to get snow during the winter here is such a rare event that it's always one I cherish greatly when it occurs, despite the impracticalities of our society being perpetually unprepared to deal with it (pretty much every piece of public infrastructure shuts down, and almost everyone who's able to work/attend school remotely does so).

But I stayed in Tromsø (the far north of Norway) for 3 weeks during February/March, and it was the first time I saw snow piled up on the side of the street that was taller than me (I'm 6'2-6'3"). It was the first time I slipped and fell over in public seven times in a single day, and it was the first time one side of my face temporarily locked up when I walked across a bridge (yes, this was a monumentally idiotic idea) and the windchill got me. Part of that is obviously me being an unprepared moron, but I wouldn't like to have to live in a place where preparing yourself for weather to such an extent is such a vital part of one's daily life. So too much snow is no bueno.

edit: woot I'm a squirrel now

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2 hours ago, Treeglow Flicker said:

Really pretty when it falls and lays untouched. But I don't like it when it turns to slush.

But it gets so many different beautiful colors! Especially around trees :mlp_icwudt:

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I dont mind snow to much,  its the ice or ice rain we keep getting I hate.  If anything I find watching snow falling or in the woods a thing of beauty.  

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Too much is genuinely not fun to deal with, a lot of that displeasure has already been expressed in this thread in one way or another. :P

But I do enjoy it when there's maybe a thin blanket and it isn't snowing so fast, it's calming that way.

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