Who do you think is more powerful? Daybreaker? or Nightmare Moon?

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I am going with Daybreaker because the Sun is basically infinite power on its own and if she draws power from it, I doubt there would be any stopping her if she was real. Too bad we most likely will never know. What a wasted opportunity having her just be fodder for a Starlight episode. 

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I think Daybreaker is far stronger than Nightmare Moon. Celestia is hinted to always hold back... and if we consider the willingness to kill added to the power boost of ...being evil... i think it's clear Daybreaker would potentially be much stronger. I wonder how well Luna would have done against Daybreaker.


Either way... i want to say that i have no proof and it's mainly headcanon... I think Fallout Equestria timeline is Daybreaker. The world looks burned all across. I could imagine Daybreaker doing that.


Edit: Damn... Just realized that i already posted on this half a year ago lol.

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