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So I thought up an idea for a "story time." I'm just gonna post stories about funny stuff that happens in my life.


I laughed for about ten minutes at this. My friend and his friends were on a trip. Two of them went to a bar. ( One of them wore this hat with a camera in it because they liked to record life.) They were both drunk and one of them was so drunk that they got gay on the other and kissed him on the lips for like a minute.The whole thing was on tape and they didn't know until they got home and reviewed the tape. They showed me, and then edited it out.

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A while back, me and a few friends had an idea to play a prank. We knew that the local zoo had a Snow Leopard on display which was taken from a home, and was well-trained and very friendly. We decided that we were going to steel the creature, leave a note saying that it was running away to join the circus, then send it back after the story hit the news.


We snuck into the zoo easy enough and made our way to the exhibit with no resistance. When we got there and the creature growled, we all suddenly shared the same thought, "What the **** are we doing?"

We unanimously agreed to leave it alone, and try to sneak back out. The police were there, so we had to hop the fence at the far side of the compound, sneak through the woods, and hide out in a friend's truck until morning.


Not only was that the first and last time I ever tried to break a law, it was also the first and last time that I ever slept within four feet of a half dozen other guys.

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