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Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time of your Favorite Sports Teams


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Many of us like various different sports teams. And no matter who we root for, I'm sure that your favorite team has had various levels of success regardless of whether or not they have any championship banners. So how about this. List a top 10 of what you feel are the greatest games of all time of your favorite team(s). It can be NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. etc. It can be regular season, playoffs or championships.

Here's my top ten greatest Kansas City Chiefs Games of All Time:

  1. Super Bowl IV Chiefs VS Vikings 01/11/70
  2. AFC Wildcard Steelers @ Chiefs 01/08/94
  3. AFC Divisional Chiefs @ Oilers 01/16/94
  4. Chiefs @ Broncos 10/17/94
  5. AFL Championship Texans @ Oilers 12/23/62
  6. Chiefs @ Packers 10/12/03
  7. Broncos @ Chiefs 10/05/03
  8. Chiefs @ Steelers 09/06/81
  9. Chargers @ Chiefs 10/09/95
  10. Broncos @ Chiefs 11/16/97
What's your top 10 greatest games of your team(s).
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