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(Note: She's an OC from my HiE fanfic. I wanted to make a topic for her so I made one.)20180529_061722.png.7d65fa72d259e05d769ec0f94c3dbd03.png

Hiya! My name's Bubble Heart. But you can call me Bubble. I've been living in Canterlot and Manehattan. I'm a singer and a supermodel. But mostly I like to look simple and plain. Singing isn't only my job, it's my passion. 

I love to spend time with my coltfriend. (Yeah, he's a human so what!?). He's the nicest person in whole of Equestria. If you want to know something about me, my friends, or my dear coltfriend just feel free to ask. 

(I'm new at such things so please go easy on me.)

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1 hour ago, BronyNumber42licious said:

What does fault code 111-18 mean on a Hyster forklift? Nopony seems to know.

"I really had no idea what that means? There is no such thing in Equestria as far as I know." ;)


(Please keep the questions relevent to the topics.)

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28 minutes ago, BronyNumber42licious said:

How did you meet a human?

"*giggles* That's an easy one.

Princess Celestia found him when he was only an infant and decided to adopt him as her son. Luckily my mother was appointed to babysit him for Princess. I was only one year old back then. We became really good friends as time passed by.

My mother took care of both of us since we were foals until he was eight years old. After that mother and I left to Manehattan for some reasons.

However mother and I kept coming to Canterlot every two or three years to greet him. And eventually... *blushes* Anyways that's how I know him."

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17 minutes ago, Photon Jet said:

Hello Bubbles. When did you get your special talent and Cutie Mark?

"That's a pretty funny story. I was about eight years old then. I was going to take part in a talent contest. I've wrote a song which I was going to sing in that contest.

A day before the contest when I was rehearsaling for the contest, I was feeling really nervous about performing in front of a crowd. I want my best friend Joy (human) to be there for me but Princess wouldn't allow him to do so. Still I was hopeful that at least my mother would be there to cheer me up.

But she fell ill on the day contest was going to be held. I got even more stressed then. Still I went to contest. Twilight and Cadence came along me for which I was really happy.

But when I was about to sing my stage fright overtook me and I began to shiver with fear. I knew I was going to embaress myself. That was until I felt that somepony was standing beside me. He was Joy, who was there to cheer me up but he was invisible, thanks to Twilight. She brought him there without the permission of Princess. 

His presence gives me enough courage to come over my stage-fright and sing confidently in front of crowd and got my cutie-mark.


And... I came on 2nd place contest."

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