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Good Pony Podcasts?

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Hey! So I like to listen to Podcasts from time to time and I'm looking for new ones to try! Do you guys know of any good pony related Podcasts out there?

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Depends what you're after. I rather like 'actual plays' of roleplaying games (that is to say, a podcast that follows through a genuine campaign rather than a staged one - which would be more of a radio drama) so I listen to those: 

 There's an actual MLP RPG system called 'Tails of Equestria', and there's an actual play podcast of it called 'Hoof and Sword''. You can find it on iTunes and in a few other places - their twitter feed was the top result on Google (note that if you find inappropriate jokes off-putting then I wouldn't recommend it - they do get a bit NSFW at times.) They've done about 20 episodes so far, and they put a new one out every couple of weeks.

Then there is 'Fallout is Dragons', which runs on a system I don't recognise. They did their last episode back in June of 2016, but they have a complete story arc told over 63 sessions - some of which are over 3 hours long, so there's plenty to keep you listening. The setting is the Fallout Equestria setting, which may or may not be your thing. They're on iTunes as well, and unlike my other two recommendations they tend to keep things fairly clean. Some of the players do have some rather annoying habits though, so it's a bit hit and miss. 

Finally, on the subject of Fallout: Equestria,  although it isn't a podcast I would recommend the audiobook of Fallout Equestria: The Manehattan Edition. At 60+ hours of audio entirely free of one of the best* MLP fanfictions around. Graphic violence and drug abuse feature quite heavily, as well as a few sexual references, so stay away unless you're fine with that. More generally, there are a fair few people who do audiobook readings - a general Google search for MLP audiobooks will turn up a fair few results, so take your pick.



*subjective, I know, but in terms of enjoyment I rate it alongside Frank Herbert's Dune as one of my favourite novels. If postapocalyptic ponies aren't your thing... I'd still encourage you to give it a go but would concede that it's probably not what you're looking for.

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