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What do you think is needed to earn a cutie mark?


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Just rewatched the cutie mark chronicles and I noticed something interesting.

1) Twilight has a massive magic surge but doesn't get hers till Celestia takes her as her personal student. No mark when she drops out of the surge but one after Celestia takes her on.

2) Rarity gets hers when the crowd applauds the show she made costumes for. No when the rock splits and she gets her inspiration, not when making the costumes but only when the crowd applauds.

3) Pinkie gets hers at some point when setting up the party.

4) Fluttershy gets hers when she realizes she can communicate with animals.

5) Rainbow doesn't get hers at the Sonic boom but after all the other foals cheer for her.

So it seems there might be something beyond just doing what your good at/love, possibly an outside aknowledgement of what you've done.

I'm curious what do people think?

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29 minutes ago, Kevin Tang said:

A cutie mark is earned when a pony finds their desire or purpose in life, at least that's what I remembered. :maud:


That is correct in terms of the show, but when looking at exactly when they realize their purpose in life, it seems to be tied to an event where they are proud of their own accomplishments. Another thing I noticed is that many cutie marks show up in the presence of friends, which makes me wonder, could one get a cutie mark with no one else present?

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