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Cozy Glow is the key to it all (MLP Ending Speculation)

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I have a guess as to how the series will truly end. Grogar will be the shows one and only unredeemable enemy at the end despite it going against the curve for what the show teaches. 
Cozy glow, being a "friendship based enemy" is going to try her cutest and darndest to befriend Tirek and Chrysalis non stop. Eventually when it gets to the end of the series to the finale we are going to see moments of Grogar treating Chrysalis and Tirek and Cozy Glow, basically as his slaves. I think that with what Cozy Glow has learned about friendship at that school while trying to use it to gain power is going to play in a lot here. I think SHE is what is going to reform Tirek and Chrysalis. I think that at one point, towards the moment when the story seems it is going to end ( I cannot think of what that word is right now, someone please help me. The name for the height of the story at the most important moment before its conclusion begins? Like right just as the bad guy is going to win and when the story is at its most tense...what's that word! GGAH! It's bothering me) I think Grogar is going to do or say something that will drive Cozy Glow to do something, something like Stand up for her new "friends" Tirek and Chrysalis. Something like, You cannot say that to them or do that to them" etc. I think grogar might even try to hurt or KILL one of the two and cozy glow, with her friendship lessons in hand and having truly found someponys...or some monster and changeling, that she can truly understand and relate to since they too are power hungry villains and having spent ALL that time together for so long since we have no idea how many months in prison Cozy Spent with Tirek in Tartarus, I think she might stand up to Grogar somehow and maybe, maybe even become Hurt by a spell or some other thing he might do to hurt or even kill her villainous friends. When Chrysalis or most likely Tirek, since she has spent the most time with him sees her stand up for him and even maybe get really badly hurt, he might ask something like "why would you do that, for me?" Triggering the three most powerful words in all of animation, "because we're friends". 

With friendship swelling up in tirek and Chrysalis finally, I think an event like this is what is going to most likely happen setting up for the one key part of Grogars "master plan" to fail since it would instigate the one thing that his plans never accounted for and that is the evil villains learning the value of friendship through each other and I think they will end up saving the mane six and the land of equestria. 

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Yup. I am sure that character will be back though. Especially since they are in the comics a lot. Probably be brought back sometime and made into a mind slave and then freed. 

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This belongs in the Season 9 Spoilers. I will also be editing the title since it's one big spoiler (and speculation if you want to call it that)

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15 hours ago, FlareGun45 said:

Perhaps! I was actually hoping for Spike to be the key to it all - since he was never really given a chance to be a key! But who knows what might happen?

He's been a key already multiple times. Bringing the Crystal Heart to Cadance, which saved the Crystal Ponies, Helping Thorax the Changeling befriend the Crystal Empire, and protecting the ponies by making sure a worthy dragon other than Bully Garble would become Dragon Lord.

Again my point is, you don't have to do something big to make a big difference. That was the lesson of S5's Made in Manehatten.  

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