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BronyCon Memory


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One of the things I remembered most about BronyCon was this silly mirror in the cosplay lounge. It was always by the door for a last minute check of your costume before heading back into the con. Over the years, it was signed by attendees and has quite a few signatures. I tagged it, too. But, every year, there it was. It was one thing I looked forward to finding each year. With the end of the con, the future of it was uncertain. The staff didn't want to waste their time dealing with it (it was cheap and was donated for that use) to end up trashing it. I went to the  BronyCon PTB and was able to buy it. I have it in my MLP collection now and it provides me with memories of my years at BronyCon. Now, is it me or does it resemble the portal mirror? If it is, when it opens, I'm outta here!


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That is awesome on a level I'm not even sure I can faithfully describe.  YOU are best pony.

(And I saw you repeatedly; I wish I could've said hi, but you were so swamped!)

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