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Ask Freddy Krueger


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That’s right, it’s your old pal Freddy Krueger here to answer any questions you might have. I’ll try to be as ‘Forum Friendly’ as possible. So go on fire away. 

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8 minutes ago, Wolf Guide said:

Why do you haunt people's nightmares?

Well. Because it can really ruin people mentally you know. Put a lot of stress on them when they’re awake. And eventually they break and end up falling asleep when they were trying so hard to not. Of course the films don’t let you know that I have actually gone on haunting nightmares for far longer than a few times. Really wanted to mess with em y’know. They start having trouble sleeping and sometimes they grow paranoid because of sleep deprivation and think I’m out there to get them at every corner. Sometimes even suffer from hallucinations or at least I’d imagine it. Plus it’s a lot more fun because I can control everything in their nightmares. 

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14 minutes ago, Renegade the Unicorn said:

Whatever happened to that "horror host" thing you were doing with Freddy's Nightmares? Outside of the "haunting dreams" gig you do usually, you were an awesome storyteller!

Well. Unfortunately it didn’t do so well because of some skeletal guy was on the air halfway into it and people eventually flocked over there instead, causing the public interest to drop and leading to cancellation. It was a pretty entertaining gig but it never got a chance to reach a full enough potential to keep it going. And yet somehow that hockey pucks show lasted longer. Granted it wasn’t the same sort of show but still. That freaks always going to be standing above me. And why did he get to go into space? 

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I despise him with every fiber of my very being. Because of him my names been tarnished to where people associate his ahem shall I say, actions from his backstory to me as well because they haven’t seen the original so they just assume any Freddy Krueger they see is the same as the reboot. Which is honestly infuriating. They ruined me and I’ll never get over it. He’s a disgusting individual and if I ever met him it wouldn’t end well. 

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