Technical Difficulties; Please Stand By

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It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's an invading army of anti-bronies!

Actually, no... not at all.

We've been having some technical issues as of late, and this may have impeded your access to the forums; rest assured, we're working on the problem.

Between advances in technology and just good ol' fashioned 'Internet reliability', we're having a few issues with our hardware - in other words, Buffy spilled some soda onto some very important things, and those things got angry.  Now, we have to work out the kinks and put all our P's and Q's back in order, so that we can get back to ponying the pones as we like to do.

There have been folks who might think it has something to do with hacks or other such typical screwery... but I assure you, it's just our stuff being old and outdated, and going on strike for replacements.  Our technical staff is *quite* adept at handling our usual issues - this just sorta crept up on us before we were ready to formally address it.

Apparently, a luxury we can no longer afford.

So, given some time and with our techie-pones running all over and working out all the buggos (the BAD buggos, not the huggable ones we love), we'll be back into the full-fledged flights of Forum fancy!

tl;dr: We apologize for the inconvenience; we're fixing our hardware issues. 

Thank you all for your time and interest.  *humbly bows*

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Thank you staff so much for all your hard work c: running a website is hard and I appreciate everything you do for us. It means a lot :grin:

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