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Canon Pony Nicknames


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I don’t think there’s a thread for this, but for a long time I’ve wanted to compile a list of instances when a character will call another character by a nickname within the show—Pinkie and Fluttershy calling Rainbow Dash “Dashie” for instance.

What are examples from specific episodes?

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Discord calls Celestia “KK”. Alternatively, he could actually be calling her “Cae Cae”.

“Caelum” is Latin for “sky, heaven”, and is what “celestial” derives from in the first place.

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The most obvious one: essentially everypony calls Pinkamena Diane Pie "Pinkie". :)

Applejack has been called "AJ" a lot of times ("Applebuck Season" being one). Also there's "Twily" for Twilight (especially used by Shining Armor), "Rara" for Coloratura and "Gabby" for Gabriela (or is it Gabriella?)... probably many others that I can't remember, as well. :adorkable:

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