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Hello everypony, I just binged everything


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Way back when the COVID-19 lockdown started, I decided to finally catch up on some of the Western animated shows I had been hearing great things about for years but never got around to trying myself, like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Steven Universe and most recently, of course, MLP:FiM. In the last month I've watched all of FiM including the movie/specials/shorts, then read most of the IDW comics, then watched all of the EqD movies/specials/shorts, and somehow I haven't had enough pony yet, so here I am. I've had basically zero contact with any generation of MLP before that, so I consider myself very lucky to have (completely unintentionally) tried this so soon after the last season aired so that I could simply binge all of it at once, though that probably also gave me some unusual opinions (e.g. I loved Fame and Misfortune, I don't hate Pony Life, etc).

Rainbow Dash is the pony I like and enjoy watching the most for the obvious general awesomeness reasons, but Twilight Sparkle is easily the one I empathise with the most (yes, I was the overarchieving bookworm student, I still make too many todo lists, and I've had the occasional Twilynanas freakout), so you could call either of them my "favourite". Honorable mention to Maud Pie as the side character I find most consistently hilarious, and also empathise with in other ways (there's a reason my online friends joke about me being a robot).

Right now I'm doing a partial rewatch of FiM (i.e. whatever episodes strike me as "I'd like to see that again") and dipping my toes into fan content and forums.

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@Ixrec sup!  I also binged everything before covid! Around nov. I suppose...

" A lullaby for a princess" definitely watch this and remix mlp music is awesome too! You might like "20%cooler"... i like "discord"( the title of the song.. not the character)


Good thing the haters didn't influenced ya

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4 hours ago, Blackfire Blaze said:

Welcome! :mlp_pinkie:


Speaking of that episode, I've had the Smile Song stuck in my head on and off for almost three days now. So far I'm counting it as a win. :)

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