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no critique Sisters: Lightning Dust and Raindrops


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Lightning Dust and Sunshower Raindrops are some of my favorite ponies design-wise. Then I realized that they're both teal and yellow/orange, which immediately made me think they were sisters cuz my brain just loves making up headcanons. So why not draw them together? :arethosehands::squee:



I hope y'all like it :)

Yes I used that one hug base that everyone's seen at least once in their lifetimes before, but there were so many bases of said pose that I can't really credit anyone. However, I didn't trace anything, simply referenced, and made my own facial expressions, and leg and wing poses. 

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Nothing wrong with this headcanon as far as I can tell, we don't know anything of dusts past(unless you count the small bits in season 7 as a flashback(I simply count that as scoots imagination)) and we know nothing of rain drops personality as far as I remember. But, if anything their relationship would be pretty poor in my opinion.

Anyway, this looks great

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