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Ask Acererak


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Due to the amount of non-pony related characters in this section, Acererak has awoken from his tomb... To get in on it.


Please be civil, no swearing, and explicit or inappropriate questions.


Acereraks response will be this color.

here goes something...

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I am a Lich, from the fictional*yeah right* game dungeons and dragons. I hath no knowledge of thy changelings.

Though the guys I work with are nice enough.


I t'would prefer to speak to those with the knowledge of my glory.


A Primer for those who don't know who this guy is.
Acererak: the man, the lich, and the legend


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Dear Acererack,

What title should this acolyte address you as? Do you go for Lord? Or something more fruity like, "His Fabulousness"? Also what do you look like? Are you a lich pony or a lich humanoid? Or a lich doggo? Never served a lich doggo before...


Also do you follow any other Liches from beyond DnD? Some like to rule the world and be called Overlord.




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I didn't tell him about the lich doggo thing as he is a) humanoid and b) I feel he would take offense at that. You do NOT want to see him angry. 


I prefer 'Your Greatness'. I hath been spending most of my time among planes unknown to you feeble mortals and I follow none. Who follows me however...

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