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What alignment is the user above you?


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You come across as someone who only follows laws and etc. only because you don't feel the need to break them, so you just naturally follow while doing what you want. At least that's what it comes across.


That much is definitely true. I don't like rules, laws, or any of that stuff to be frank. So it's a hassle every time if I'm in charge of lecturing someone of what's forbidden and what's not. The only exception to this of course is something is particularly dangerous or life-threatening.


I somewhat dislike honouring something that's already been taken up by many as well, like the small details of fitting in with society. I assume there's more than enough of that, but I don't try to make myself look like a crazed deviant. I do follow some norms, however, like trying to behave politely and addressing elders with respect.


We can talk more, if you'd like.


EDIT: Person above looks like a Neutral Good.

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Misread the OP as this thread being about oneself. <_<



Ok. I'm going to place him as Chaotic Neutral. Not sure, but I'm just sort of getting a vibe.

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I never really liked it when people got too specific about good, neutral, and evil. Still, I guess I can give this game a shot just this once, see where it goes.


I'm gonna say either Lawful Neutral or True Neutral. Definitely one of those.

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