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Ezra's Pixel Art


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Took me well over 5 hours to draw this. I know some things on it need improving, like the background, but I am just starting to do pixel art again after not doing it for years. I'll probably be posting more pixel art here in the future.


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15 minutes ago, Divine plywood said:

Looks great! :o

I know there must be hundred and one ways people make pixel art, but in general do you/other artists use some kind of drawing tool or hand place majority of the pixels separately?

Thanks! I just use my mouse and an online pixel art website. People also make pixel art on Minecraft and I have seen it done on graph paper too by colouring in the little squares.

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  • The title was changed to Ezra's Pixel Art
11 hours ago, crookedpinkie said:

Looks great! I love the blue gradient you did for the legs. :pinkie:


2 hours ago, ExplosionMare said:

I love the gradient effect you did!


50 minutes ago, Pandora said:

Looks great I like the colors

Thanks everyone! :pinkie:

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