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books MLP Fanfiction books, where to buy and what do you recommend?


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So, for a while now I’ve been pretty interested in buying some actually printed fanfictions, and since I had birthday last Saturday I thought it might be the best time to do so

I am not really familiar with any fanfiction in the mlp fandom, which IMO makes it even more exciting, I prefer to jump blindly into something than rather knowing everything about it, but still, there’s at least a little knowledge I would like to have about the content of the fanfictions when buying it. The only publisher I am aware of is Ministry of image, I've heard of some others but I either couldn't find them anywhere or I know about their existence but not their name. For example, I heard there are some on lulu(?) but I couldn't find any, unfortunately. I would really appreciate it if someone could recommend me some other publishers, just to see what kind of fanfictions they have to offer! 

but about the fanfics ministry of image published, I of course have some questions too, doesn't matter if someone brought them or read them online. 

the ones that peaked my interest where:

  • The Enchanted library 

     The Enchanted library really piqued my interest the most. The book cover looks beautiful, I like the alternative universe setting, and that it is centered on Twilight and Discord, (one of my favorite characters) really makes me want to read it. I read the first 2 chapters on fimfiction and I was really sure to buy it, until I found out that it has romance in it, between Rarity and Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against that ship or shipping ponys in general, but personally, I am not quite a fan of it, I want to enjoy a different and creative world-building, and not seeing them slowly develop a relationship. I'm pretty sure both can be greatly executed at the same time, but it still makes me conflicted. I am really wondering how much romance there is in the fanfiction, it would be great if someone could tell me that without any spoilers. 

  • arad stardust

     I wanted to initially get this book the most. Again, the alternative universe really piques my interest, it's about twilight, and it looks pretty interesting and nice overall. Bad news; it's not in stock anymore It's not even on the product site anymore, :worry:  which makes me really sad that it might never get a restock. 

  • past sins 

     I must say, I'm not quite sure if I would enjoy past sins. The story seems interesting and I heard that it is pretty popular, however idk, I rather read it online or buy it together with another book than just buying it alone. It's probably pretty fun to read and I would enjoy it once I give it a try, but dunno, I am always a little hesitant when it comes to self-made/new introduced characters, (even if they are personified versions of already existing/older characters) 

  • the time loop trilogy

Dunno about this one. Sounds & looks quite interesting but on the other side, it also doesn't? It sounds like something that is fast-paced which is something I don't like to read. Just like past sins, it's more likely that I would read it online or buy it together with other books than just getting it alone. 

  • fallout equestria & background pony 

      Fallout Equestria; now I know this is a popular one!! BUT even though it looks extremely interesting, I'm not quite sure. It seems like an original set of characters, right? I never played the Fallout game series, so I'm a little concerned if it's really for me. and since there is so much of it, I'm not sure if it would hook me? Also, I heard it has sex scenes in it? which sounds pretty random. Kinda makes me not wanna read it. There again, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me a rundown of the series! 

      Background pony; I like Lyra a lot. The artworks look amazing as well as the story, yet, I know Lyra as a rather goofy, and fun pony, together with Bonbon. This change of setting got me interested, but I'm not sure if I would like to get it as my first purchase. 

That's something I have with Fallout Equestria as well, one of the reasons I want to buy physical copies is, except for owning and growing my book collection, is to take them with me at school/work with me, anytime, everywhere. I plan to read them when I'm on the bus, or when I have free time, and I would prefer reading something about the ponys I already grew to love with and like, then something completely new.

"safe for work" is also really important here. I don't want to be in the middle of my break and then read ponys having some nsfw actions, since, I'm in public and I don't really like stuff like that in general. Plus, I am rather a closet-brony (if that is even the right term?) when I'm already being a little bit public about it, I would rather be that in a way that wouldn't get me weird looks.


but anyways, I would look forward to if someone who read them or even owns them could tell me a bit about it and share their opinion as I said, other publishers suggestions would also be appreciated, as well as fanfictions (doesn't need to have a printed version.) 


(Also I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where this topic would belong.) 

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@Yuichan Ministry of Image is said to be the highest quality pony printing organization. Another is Pony Feather Publishing, whose website also links to a handful of self-published titles. Also, I believe authors can make their books unlisted on Lulu, which would explain why you can’t find them. 

Someday soon I would like to buy a hard copy of The Enchanted Library, although I’ve already read it before. I suggest reading a few chapters of each book before you decide, as well. (And if gruesomeness counts as unsafe for work, then I don’t recommend Fallout: Equestria.)

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