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I recently created an account on this forum because I made a list of important details of sunny dad's house and also because I made some crazy theories, well there you go.


(if you find any mistake on the images or in grammar please warn me.)



Minute 2:18 - We can see what can be an anatomy picture of probably the twlight, comparing the hair, for having horns, wings, and the shape of the face seems to be her.

Picture example: Image




Minute 2:20 - We can see an equestrian map with all the places that the 6 mane won
their cutiemarks, like pinkie pie, rarity, rainbow dash and fluttershy
But the twilight cutiemark is off the frame, perhaps indicating that sunny's father doesn't
know where she got her cutiemark, it's also not possible to see applejack's cutiemark

Picture example: Image


minute 2:22 - We can see a photo of the box of 6 locks created by the tree of harmony.

Picture example: Image


minute 2:25 - We can see the grogar bell in the lower middle left corner
on top of a pile of books and further to the left we can see a picture of Star swirl the bearded

Picture example: Image


minute 3:53 - We can see that there among several other pieces on the floor where sunny's father
studies, There's a treasure chest, which was used a few times in MLP G4 (it usually contained diamonds)

Picture example: Image


minute 5:24 - We can see a window with the cutie mark of rarity and what appears to be the cutie mark
of fluttershy. We can also see a different symbol at the top of the window (it could also be another cutiemark)

Picture example: Image

(Don't know if this is important but i included anyway.)


minute 6:21 - We can see a Spike Plush in the corner of the room and a pillow
in the shape of a purple star that resembles twilight's cutie mark

Picture example: Image


(important) 6:25 min - We can see the first mention of Princess Celestia, it is possible to see the exact design of the
her cutiemark on the wall behind sunny's bed

Picture example: Image


minute 6:53 - We can see the cutiemarks on the board representing Rarity's,
twilight's, applejack's cutiemark and fluttershy's cutiemark, we couldn't find
the cutiemark of pinkie pie.

Picture example: Image


 7:04 minutes - We can see sunny's father's belongings and pictures of him, leading to the conclusion of
that he is dead.

Picture example: Image


minute 39:42 - We can see the underside of the balloon used by twilight in the opening, in some episodes and in a movie

Picture example: Image



first conclusion (3:27): sunny's father doesn't seem to mind Sprout's mother's criticisms
Which indicates that he has already gone through this
situation alot of times.

Picture example: Image


Second conclusion: We can also observe that in several parts of the house they have the Twilight cutiemark.




My Theories: (You can ignore this if you like)

Theory / maybe a fact _____________________________________________________________________________________

I believe that something or someone put on the head of all the land ponies that the others
they really were evil, but not in a way of simply saying, "be careful with those unicorn ponies
and pegasus they're dangerous" no, it's more like they actually said scary things
and convince the population that they are dangerous;

_______________________________________________ theory 1 __________________________________________________
It seems sunny's father doesn't have much information about how twilight actually learned about friendship.
He says that "a princess decided to learn about friendship",
But twilight wasn't a princess when she started studying friendship, so
I believe that Sunny's Father
He met twilight after she became a princess and didn't talk to her much about the past.
And I also believe he didn't talk to twilight anymore before she created her school.
Because Princess twilight created that school for all races, and sunny's father says that
the princess of friendship gathered all the ponies,

So he should be saying that he joined
the pegasus, land ponies and unicorns again OR
that twilight only gathered the ponies and not the other species (due to not being aware of this event),

If that's right
he must have stopped talking to twilight after she created her school for everyone,
or he must have stopped before twilight make her (ua) first (a) friend (a) no pony;

The sequence would be like this:

  Start        twilight turning princess \ sunny's father meeting twilight                                                   sunny's father no longer talking to twilight twilight          creating school for all species     end

(We should also consider that sunny was a child and her father must have told the story with
few details to facilitate the understanding of sunny and thus the story would not be completely complete.)
_____________________________________________ The end ________________________________________________________

This theory I consider my best:
(Theory 3 reinforces this second theory as well)

___________________________theory 2________________________________________________________________________
Another theory of mine is that sunny's father had some special participation in some adventure together
with twilight and her friends.
I believe that twilight and her friends were on another adventure and something went very wrong that could end
with all life (or all ponies),
So twilight and her friends sacrificed themselves along with all the equestrian magic so that
no one died, and only sunny's father managed to survive for
"not having as much relevance as her twilight and her friends", with all due respect.

I also believe that all life (or all ponies) were unconscious and/or not understanding what was
happening during this terrible situation, so they didn't know who saved them later.

And so sunny's father being friends with twilight and knowing what happened shares what he
learned from others.
_____________________________The end___________________________________________________________________________
__ reinforcement __
Another theory that may reinforce that sunny's father was once a twilight acquaintance and her friends
is that he knows their exact look, so much so that he made mane 6 dolls for his daughter.

Or he must have read it in a book or seen it in some glass, but the dolls have so many details
that it's hard to be just a book or glass.

------------------------------------Another theory that may be important:
___________________________________________ theory 3______________________________________________________
we can see in the film where the protagonist and two more ponies enter a historic place (minute 40:12)
This place is not in horrible condition and it doesn't seem to be falling apart, so,

You could say the ponies were together about 40 years ago (may be consistent with when sunny's father befriended twilight (((theory2))) )
This reinforces theory 2,
But in this one I believe the ponies' memory may have been "modified" to believe something else,
since much more than just 1 pony should have known of the past and that land ponies, pegasus and unicornis were united and everything else about
twilight and her friends.

Another thing to say is that the symbol on the glass of this historic place was probably made before the pony's memorys to be "modified"
That explains almost no pony knowing about those symbols, even being in such an important place.

                                               THEORY THAT MAY ALSO BE IMPORTANT::

_______________________________________________THEORY 4_______________________________________________________
at the 42:01 minute of the film it is possible to see a glass with the twilight cutiemark in the sky


*We already saw in the movie that this happened once when twilight turned into an alicorn
*So... what if twilight did it the other way around?

*She split her being to create the 3 stones (since she is an alicorn which is a mixture of them all), and each stone meant the land ponies,
*pegasus, and unicorns


(This part of the theory was created by Sawtooth Waves)

(supports a part of theory 2 that has to do with the sacrifice of twilight and her friends)

and distributed them to a representative of each race (looks like what is described in the glass)

Picture example: Image (Bad quality ik)

And it is also possible to see that the middle glass (land ponies) has been removed.


___________________________________________ Theory 5__________________________________________________________
This theory I thought out of nowhere but it might even make sense.
I believe the stones created by twilight (theory 2 and 4)
I believe the price of twilight to save everyone would be the confinement of all the magic within the stones.
and could only be released again with with the union of all races.




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yup..... time line is the one that crumbles your theory... nice try though.

you missed that argyle has a big purple feather on his collections. has a high chance it's TWILIGHT s feather.

argyle is probably a treasure hunter, collector of artifacts... a daring do sorta speak.

has a high chance the reason he died... or vanished.... you ain't sure how he died.  did they found the body? 

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