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Hello World! QT Unicorn is here!~


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My professor was a madman...and I would follow him to the ends of the Earth again!~

Oh! He was one of the authors in this: Meet the Bronies

His name is Daniel Chadborn and he was the one that enthused me in his research while I was in Psychology! I even got to present his poster project for the American Psychological Association with my colleagues.

Hello! So happy to be there!~


I am the Unicorn Therapist and I am a brony who has made a career out of being a Geek, Gamer, and Nerd in the Mental Health field. I love to read research about my community whether it is the MLP fandom or the otaku community! I am pretty sure I came across this site several times and said "I will get around to signing up" but usually procrastinated because I was busy trying to find out when to sleep, where to sleep, and why is it that writing research dissertations is sooooooo hard! UGH!!!


But now that I have time, I would love to participate more in my community and share some hobbies as well as to associate with others like myself! Not only that, but I want to help my communities find information about Mental Health since I know there is a lot of misinformation spread about! My hobbies including gaming, writing, cosplaying, and attending conventions where I do panels on informing my community about Mental Health, it's pitfalls, and finding them genuine help from people who see them as people!


Uh...that is about it. I think I will nap now! Nice meeting everyone!~ <3

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Hello and Welcome @QTUnicorn,

I hope you have a great time and find many friends here.

I speculated once here must be more than one paper or even books about it xD

I'm a tea addicted pony from outa space who is taking care for the constellations :>


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Welcome aboard. It really sounds like you are doing a lot of good, so you have my respect. Anyways, hopefully you have some fun and enjoy your time here.

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