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Equestria Power of the Titans


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This post is going to be asking a series of Questions related to Equestria's use of the Power of the Titans in the My Little Pony Attack on Titan crossover fanfiction I'm writing. I figured I'd asked them all here in this one post instead of making a bunch of separte post considering all questions are very similar to each other. Anyways here we go.

Would the Mane Six have had an eaiser time getting the Elements of Harmony if Reiner and Bertholdt Transform?
This question pertains to the Changeling fight during the royal wedding when the Mane Six attempted to recive the Elements of Harmony only to be defeated. However if Reiner, and Bertholdt were to transform into the Armored and Colossal Titans during said fight then would the Mane Six have had a better chance getting the Elements?

Would the Armored Titan have been enough to defeat Villians?
Villians such as Tirek, Chrysalis, Sombra, The Storm King, The Pony of Shadows, and the Legion of Doom. Would the Armored Titan be enough to defeat them by itself or would it need help from the other Titans.

Should all Nine Titan Shifters be on Equestria's side?
Would Equestria be too overpowered if they had all Nine Titan shifters on their side. Should Grogar have some on his side? If so though he'd still have less. He'd either have both the Jaw, and Warhammer Titans, while Equestria would have the Armored, Colossal, Female, Attack, Beast, Cart, and Founding Titans on their side. It's possible that Grogar might even only have the Warhammer if Pieck manged to convice Galliard to fight for Equestria?

Could The Villians stand a chance against Titan shifters?
Does Grogar need Titans anyway to still make a it a fair fight between his army and Equestria?

What would a fight between Tirek, and the Colossal Titan look like?
Let's say Tirek in his final form when he fought Twilight went up aganist the Colossal Titan. Would it be a close fight, or would it yeild the same result as when Eren tried to fight the Colossal, and Tirek would just get kicked like a soccer ball across Ponyville?

Twilight's forcefield vs Colossal Titan explosion?
Could Twilight's forcefield barrier be enough to protect her and her friends from the Colossal Titan's explosive transformation, or would it be better for them to either run away from the tranformation or get under the Armored Titan for protection?

How would Equestria use the Power of the Titans?
This is the last one, but how exactly would Equestria use the Power of the Titans if they had it? Would they abuse the power and use it to conquer and enslave other nations just like how both the orignial Eldian empire, and Marley did? Or would they only use the Power of the Titans as a means of defense and only when the situation really called for it to be used?

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-I don't know about that. It seems like there would be a lot of casualties.

-I feel like chrysalis could use her changeling army and some of her sticky web to disable the armored titan, while in flight. Meanwhile, Tirek could use his powerful magic, but I don't know what would happen in close-quarters. Nobody cares about Sombra, let's be honest. And I don't remember the pony of Shadows. The legion of Doom - I don't know much about it. But I feel like they could defeat Reiner with ease.

-I don't know who is grogar. I haven't finished watching MLP. You know, I have this phobia with things "ending". So I left them unfinished and pretend they never came to an end. I am a little insane. But I'm gonna answer with a "maybe" because your question exceeds my brain capacity.

-I don't know who is grogar.

-That depends, doesn't tirek has like... magic or something he can use to attack the colossal titan from the distance?

I believe the forcefield would not be enough to defend them from the explosion. Perhaps if they teleported away.

I think equestria would use the titans for constructive purposes, like building things and such. There is no reason why they would enslave others.

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