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What is Fluttershy was the main character?


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I saw someone talk about if Rainbow Dash was the main character, and since I believe Fluttershy would be much better, I'm making this


If Fluttershy was the main character, I think the show would be more open to teaching more than just friendship lessons, but also assertiveness. I believe it would be more interesting to watch someone grow as a person to go from being a shy introvert to princess.
I also believe Fluttershy would be better because I argue, kindess is the most important and most similar to friendship. Kindness is what basically MAKES friendship. Not honesty, not being funny, not giving stuff, but being kind (I don't have much argument for loyalty, but RD sucks and would be a bad protagonist in my opinion), but being kind to people/ponies
I also also think Fluttershy would be good just because I think Twilight just isn't interesting. I like nerds, but as protagonists, I don't. A know-it-all just isn't interesting as a protagonist, because there's nothing for them to learn!... Oh yeah this is about Fluttershy. I digress. I'll just make an entire entry of why Twilight is a bad protagonist and move on


So. What does everyone else think of Fluttershy being the main character


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