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MLP generations expressive videos

Reiki Knight 13

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A simple enough game.

You are to express what you think of all the MLP generations (gen 3.5 is optional as that's really more of remake of the already existing Gen 3.EG is optional as well since it is technically part of G4's story but independent as well) BUT you are only allowed to do so with clips from YouTube.

In other words, whether a movie trailer, song clip , game etc you post whatever video you think best describes your feelings of that MLP generation. 

Oh, and NO pony related clips allowed of any kind. So whether MLP related or not if has ponies in you can't post it. 

sorry, the game won't be THAT easy.

Here's mine.

Gen1: https://youtu.be/0hZXIdwFox4





Gen 2:https://youtu.be/egmmYxXhScQ




Gen 3:



gen4: https://youtu.be/4t__wczfpRI

(Sub gen 4 EG) :https://youtu.be/sq0EAiaUR9E

Gen 5: https://youtu.be/l6_ZQqZJh4A


That's mine for example purposes.

I'm curious to see yours...



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