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You're up to your eyeballs in shit you cannot possibly comprehend!


What the Sam Shit is so important that a man can't read his forum for five minutes?

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I can only guess what was in that post above mine, I have a strange feeling it had something to do with weird NSFW dancing that looks like something Lady Gaga would set up :blink:

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Going To The Store is like my favorite youtube video ever! :P


Funny/Creepy? One of each! :D

I'm a total music nerd, so this one is hilarious to me. These guys just go to inappropriate places (in this case, a bathroom), wait for a random person and then break out in a capella harmony singing to this random person and follow him around and stuff. It's pretty great.


As for creepy- this one is SUPER CREEPY. Seriously- watch at your own risk. It's pony-related so if you don't like scary things tainting your ponies, don't watch it. But if you like the game Amnesia the Dark Descent and you've played the expansion Justine- you'll really like this one.


EDIT: Sorry- I took the second one out because I didn't know that they were going to embed. The cover picture is a little gory.

But- if you want to watch it, youtube "My Little Amnesia" and it's the first one that shows up.

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