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Hello, the name is Patrick


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I have been an active Brony viewer since late 2019 and have heard of this place for a long time and am now ready to join.

Fun facts

  1. My favorite characters are Twilight, Discord, and Fluttershy
  2. My favorite songs from MLP are True True Friend, The Magic Of Friendship Grows and This Is Our Big Night
  3. I may be considered an analyst brony because I mainly watch those like FOB Equestria, Dr. Wolf, And Lightning Bliss (when she did do reviews)
  4. I am a bit of a shipper, with the main ones being Fluttercord and Rarajack.
  5. I am a sucker for any music that is produced, It's just been a prominent part of my life.

I hope I get to be a considerate and helpful member of this forum.

Good morning, Good evening, and good night.

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Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy your time here!

Also, those are some good picks. "A True, True Friend" is one of my favourites as well. :p

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