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Tantabus nightmare offering/challenge.

Earth Prince StarHeart

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The tantabus appears within your dream nearly dead from being weakened with it's last encounter with the ponies of Equestria. It so desperate to feed off os SOME fear before it fades away it comes to you with a challenge that if you win it will literally use the final strengths to make all of MLP dreams become reality except your waifu/husbando dreams that one you have to earn their affections naturally.

Beyond that if you win you can have it all: trillions of bits, live in Equestria as an alicorn, dragon lord, ruler of the hippogriffs, have Discord's reality bending powers (no power over waifus/husbandos sorry) etc. Literally anything and everything you could ever want as a brony.

The challenge is this endure 5 straight days in Naruto universe's tsukuyomi world without succumbing to your fears with your best friends (ALL must win the challenge together) and the tantabus will use its final strength to grant you and your best friends every MLP desired dream all of you have ever wanted.

If the challenge is failed the tantabus will keep you there forever as its slaves.

To keep things a bit fair there are rules against the tantabus.

It cannot directly attack or cause physical harm to you it can only drive your fears to very high levels of psychological stress.

It can not manipulate time in any way, shape or form BUT it can and will mess with your perception of time making you think hours have passed when it's been minutes or making you think it's been seconds when it's been hours etc.

In other words indirect methods like mind manipulation, time perception are allowed but direct methods are not allowed.

so, like it can't say directly transform your friend into a mindless killing monster but it WILL make you think that happened (or that you yourself have been transformed if that is your fear.)

oh, and if you desire to you or anyone else can voluntarily quit at any point but if you do you are all are transported back to random points in your past before the tantabus made the offer and you will forget about the offer.

And yes it is 100% random not even the tantabus has control over it.

It could be a half hour before you went to bed, five days ago, five years, ten years etc but it will go no further back than when you were 15 years old. You will have all that you learned up untill now minus the memory of the challenge.

So do you and your best friend's accept the challenge or all refuse it and let the tantabus fade away along with the chance for your dreams?





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