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**As the Nightmare Night Festivities were filled with screams of fear and delight, I looked up to see Luna's Moon glowing brilliantly among the many stars. Looking back down after admiring the momentary view, I soon come across a small group of Nightmare Night goers**

Oh! Oh, hello. It seems that you've all come for the tour. Normally, Zecora would be here to bring you into the forest. To lead you down the path towards the Nightmare Moon statue, while telling of all the tales that this holiday has to offer.

However, it seems that Zecora was a bit preoccupied. Not to worry as I have taken up the role as your Nightmare Night guide. I was tasked with this mission to guide a group of ponies young and old, into the Everfree Forest itself. To the Nightmare Night statue was not our destination, but to a different place altogether.

**I say, presenting the group in my costume as a ninja**

If you wish to proceed, then please follow me. Stay close as it can be pretty dark within the forest. Join me and you shall meet a friend, but spooky, yet exciting stories are still just ahead.

**I say, lighting my horn in an illumination spell. The glowing hum of orange magic illumination the darkness before the crowd and I. As we begin our trek through the Everfree Forest towards our intended destination.**

Welcome, my dear friends, to Nightmare Night! :yay: Who here likes scary stories? Stories of legend or stories of truth? In this special night of nights, our dear friend, @Shiny Silvermoon will bring you three special stories. Those that wish to join can click the link below to join in on the fun! Those that join and discuss in each story will receive a lovely badge. ^_^ 

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As the sun set, the moon rose, in Equestria. The bright light of the sun passing the baton to the smooth light of the full moon, everything went pitch black outside. Everything, except a cozy brightness in the middle of the Everfree Forest. Only those who were curious or brave enough to enter the forest, guided by the mysterious orange light, discovered it's origin. If you are one of them, then what you found is a campfire surrounded by the sounds of the night but also by several tree trunks, placed there with the purpose of being seats. On one of those trunks, Shiny Silvermoon was witnessing the dancing flames and listening to the crackling they were making. When she saw the group approaching the campfire, the unicorn left her seat to greet them.

With a reassuring smile she said "Don't be afraid! Come and sit near the fire with me! Otherwise you might get cold..."

After inviting them to join her, Shiny added "I was waiting for you to start telling the first of my three scary stories. However, I must warn you that they are all true stories from a world where live creatures called "Humans"... So, if you prefers to leave, there is no shame. You can leave whenever you begin to feel uncomfortable."

Now that everypony was warned, the mare continued "Nightmare Night is a very special night. Can you feel the fear of the fillies wearing costumes in order to have candies? Can you feel the fear in the air? Tonight, I am not Shiny Silvermoon... Tonight, I am... Nightmare Shiny."

She then posed a hoof on the Medallion of Night that was around her neck which activated it. By activating her medallion, Shiny Silvermoon felt an incredible source of power unlocks itself inside her heart. Then, her body began to change with this new rise of magic.

The mane and the tail of the unicorn began to magically float and transphased into a silver and icy blue starry sky. After that, her cutie mark began to shine slightly and a pair of translucent silver wings appeared on her back. Suddenly, the eyes of Shiny shifted black completely except for her irises which were now white and glowing but also reshaped into lines, like a cat. Her whole body started to grow until it reached the size of a full grown alicorn, like Celestia. Then, sharp fangs appeared in the mare's mouth. To complete the transition, the medallion gradually remodeled itself into an entire armor, like the one of Nightmare Moon.

She wasn't just Shiny anymore, she was Nightmare Shiny!


"Now, let's begin! Shall we?" Said Nightmare Shiny with her smile now revealing a set of sharp fangs.

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As the campfire was starting to die slowly, Nightmare Shiny spoke again to her audience, still with a smile showing her sharp fangs.

"A pack of werewolves terrorizing a family, a cursed valley that kills those who dare to enter it and a neurosurgeon who stole the past and the futur of somepony. After hearing those 3 horrifying but true strories, you might ask yourself if science can really explain everything and, in the case of science itself, if it could be even worst than witchcraft sometimes. Perhaps one day, we will find answers to those questions but, until then, you should consider leaving before the fire dies completely. It's already late and who knows what is lurking in the darkness of the Everfree Forest..."

While the group was leaving with the unsettling feeling of being watched, they all heard an evil laugh coming from the camp in which the alicorn was still. It was loud enough to resonate in the entire forest and ended up with a short sentence. Just a few words... 



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A special thanks to my friends who helped me to set up this entire event! Without them, it wouldn't have been possible for me to tell you those stories! @Kramathia is the one who drew all those images and GIFs of Nightmare Shiny and, in my opinion, she has an amazing talent! @Planeswalker Silky gave me advices on how to create this event so I am very grateful to her! Finally, the pony that I worked with me on the creation of the event, @Dynamo Pad! He is a great event coordinator so, if you have any event idea, you should go see him! :eager:

I almost forgot! Thanks to all of you for reading to my stories! Otherwise, I would have written them for nothing and it would have been very sad! :kindness:

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