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does anyone know these 80s and 90s bands and singers? if you do say a number or more in the comments


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7 hours ago, Samurai Equine said:

Is it strange that I know all of those bands/artists, and that I genuinely like most of them? :sealed:

Same. After the boy bands they are all pretty good or have a few good songs.

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I know all but the last one. But to be honest I don’t listen to any of them so my knowledge doesn’t go any farther than familiarity with the names. I’ve heard a little bit of Celine Dion because she tends to get around, but that’s about all.

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On 2024-04-27 at 1:46 AM, Nitobit said:

@TwilightSparkleSunny A topic about music would fit better in Media Discussion. I'm gonna move it there. :fluttershy:

well a lot of people talk about them a lot so its kinda a subject. plus they are really popular rn so who would not talk about them? 

its not, they r really popular, some people have heard them but don't know who they are. its like me with the backstreet boys

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