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The End


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There are so many doomsday prophesies that a day doesn’t go by anymore without hearing a new one. I wish one of them would come true because this world is a toilet that needs flushed. When the end does make its approach, I’m pretty sure everyone’s going to know it without question.

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In time there will be an end. One doesn't need to be religious to see an end coming, and likely we'll all be gone when the 'true end' hits. What will happen to us? Well, given the hundreds of millions of years ahead of us we could evolve into a state that is unrecognizable to modern humans. After that? Eventually the Sun's luminosity will increase; making like on Earth impossible. As that happens the Sun will die, the core will collapse, and the outer layers will expand; vaporizing Mercury, Venus, and perhaps Earth as well.

Will that be the end for humanity? Maybe, but maybe not. Earth's days will eventually be numbered, but humanity can move on.

Of course more questions will arise. What effect will the expansion of the universe via Dark Energy have? Do protons decay? Can life survive without actual starlight?

So many questions, but the truth is unescapable.


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5 minutes ago, You said:

@Pathfinder: I think the supernova is devastating the whole solar system, not just the closest planets. And that's just the instant consequence, not counting how everything will glow out.

And humanity? Given what the science says currently, that we are millions of light years away from possible inhabitable planets, and nothing can travel faster than the light (I think Universe expansion is like close to be the only exception), I see it as a given that humanity will at latest die with the sun.

There is no way I can see us, not in any future ever, be able to move outside of the solar system to live somewhere else. And that's ignoring surviving until and right after the supernova in the first place.

I wondered about space stations, but I have quite some doubts about producing energy without planet or sol.

For the universe, there are 3 ends prophesied, of which I forgot the last one;

- The universe will overheat, by producing more and more energy by expansion or energy butterflying eventually too much into others;

- The universe will reach a state of max entropy (the full opposite of chaos) - Think of all gravity has sorted itself out. In that, nothing moves, and energy vanishes. It will become quite a chill place.

- Or the universe will implode, and new big bangs will happen eventually, repeating themselves every billion of years.


You're right; I'm just mainly talking about the inner planets. Every planet, moon, asteroid, comet, etc. will be affected in some way.

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I remember that night before. Was on the phone with a friend. Pretty sure it was the night before as I remembered thinking "it's 12/21/12 now".

Yes there's heat death but good golly the amount of time for that to happen is quite immense :wau: .

Closest realistic threat that would definitely be the end for Earth would be in ... 5 billion years when the sun swells into a red giant and engulfs us. No, it will not go supernova and explode, as it is not massive enough for that, common misconception.

No explode


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Not to worry! according to Michio Kaku (physicist that often appear on youtube videos these days), before the sun explodes, humanity would have constructed  a gateway to another universe (and thus finally find a real world application for string theory!). 

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Well that aged poorly :P

We're still around, who would've guessed the world wasn't going to suddenly end? xP

@WWolfand I were talking about this recently, too o:


Time for 2/1/21 :derp:

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End and death can be defined in several different ways. 

It doesn't have to be what Hollywood would have you think and be this insane chaotic blood bath, anarchist wasteland filled death void where all that once was the earth is dust.

It could happen in a way you might not even notice. 

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I believe there will be an end, and that it will be unpredictable as to when it happens. Also to me there will be no zombies or aliens ending the world. More like demonic stuff, the Anti-Christ.

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