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Help Me Name My Bike


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Hey y'all, new brony on this board.


I wanna tell y'all about a project I'm working on called "Robby's Ride around the World." In short, I'm planning on being the first person to travel around the world solely on human power - including the oceans. On the land, I'll use a bike, and on the water, a pedalboat. It'll take two years, and I'm doing this for charity (currently leaning towards Autism Speaks).


Funding is the only thing standing in my way at this point, so I thought I'd reach out to my fellow bronies for some help, and in return, you can help me name my bike.


So here's how this works:

1. Go to www.RobbysRide.org

2. Click on the "Donate" button on the right and donate on PayPal

3. When you do, leave a comment to vote for your favorite pony.


If we raise $50,000, I'll name the bike after the pony with the most donation money and paint it in that pony's color scheme. If we raise $100,000, same goes for the boat, but with the second-place pony. And if we raise $200,000, I'll rename the entire ride the "Friendship is Magic Tour."


If you donate $5 or more and include your address, you'll get a Rarity-approved Robby's Ride wristband. I'm only leaving the voting open until March 18th, so donate now! I'll check back every Sunday and update the standings. May the best pony win!



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You may want to contact our administrator, Feld0, before posting advertisement-related threads like these. Also, were a pretty small community here on the forums, and if you're looking to raise a decent amount of money, contacting EquestriaDaily would be the best way to go. Edited by Vanilla Ice
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