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okie dokie lokie, im gonna make it and test it, so give me a bit




I just came across an issue, there are to many frames and because of this I have to drop the res so its file sise is not to big, and because of this the spray its quite blurry/pixalted, if thats ok ill upload the vtf and vtm files, the only way to fix this is to cut the animation short, maybe clip the begining




in any case, here is the attachment of the current, blurry, spray

if you would like me to cut the animation to where it's just about the right file size then let me know


Alright thanks I'll give it a shot the next time I play TF2.

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ill check it out mate ^_^




I have one problem with this.... its letter boxed, remember I have to limit the sprays to 128X128 and if its letter boxed its gonna look REALLY bad, I tested it my self and its as I predicited, pinkie is a blob


Ah, sorry about that.


Can you crop the edges and get rid of the letter boxing?

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I finished it, it's attached but it's quite blurry do the the size the video :( also it seems allot slower then most sprays but this can't be fixed, I also had to chop the durration of the gif to about 1/3


That looks fine! Thanks a bunch friend!

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