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I personally don't play much multiplayer Civ 5, simply because nobody I know plays it, or has the time or will to do it.


So I can't put much of my own 'these are good tactics' input in for competitive play :c


However, I will agree that France is pretty well set with that culture boost. I usually play France and go Liberty and Honor policy tracks, which really destroy everyone else with the culture being output. Lots of barbarians and lots of cities = pretty powerful cultural powerhouse. Pretty much the best at mid-late game with their powerful culture, and the musketeers as well.


Japan is just not to be mentioned because of their ridiculously OP Civ Bonus, especially when they get up to modern tech before anyone else. Just steamrolls everyone else.

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I tried civ 5 and I didn't like it, bought gods&kings expansion and still didn't like it.I feel that the game has been considerably dumbed down since civ 4 BTS and I dislike the combat formula and 1 unit per tile.


I think I spend too much gold on bribing city states and they're not really that useful for the amount they get paid.

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I have civ5 but haven't played it yet. I've played a good amount of civ3, and it's okay.


I've played the living shit out of Alpha Centauri (it's an amazing game, go buy it for $6 on gog.com), and it remains my favorite 4x game, and indeed my favorite strategy game.


If anybody has played any of these, how do they compare to civ5?

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I recently bought Civilization V with the Expansion Pack (for $20 total!) off of Steam but I really haven't had much of any time to play it. I played around with it one day, but I just haven't had the time after that.

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