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This is my first attempt at a MLP fan-fiction But I am a big boy, so if there are any concerns or critiques please feel free to call me out. 


   Since the close of season 2 of FiM i have always had thoughts about one potentiality; what about all the other cities in Equestria? What if the Changlings attacked more than just Canterlot but several larger cities of Equestria? This story explores the consequences of those thoughts. In the background of this story wages a war across a good deal of Equestria, but it is something that has always been just in the background to the ponies of the Ponyville/Canterlot region, for they had the Elements of Harmony protecting them. Follow the OC Lance Minder as he returns from the war for the first time into a place that has long forgotten about it, but maybe a friendly place like Ponyville can help him to forget about all of the negative things in life and help him in finding what really makes the fighting worth it: A few friends. 


NOTE: This story is not violence centered at this point, It just uses the war as a backdrop. This story will also be featuring mostly Background/secondary ponies and OC's as I do not want to risk screwing up the feel of one of the major characters of the Series. Maybe later they'll come in.



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