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gaming If the MLP Characters Were Mass Effect Characters Who Would be Who?

Admiral Colt

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Alright, so I just replayed the Mass Effect games and me and my friend were debating who the Mass Effect characters could be compared to, we had a few disagreements and I wanted to hear your guys' thoughts on the matter. So any Mass Effect fans on here, shoot away.

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Rainbow Dash would either be Fem Shepard or Jack.
Fluttershy would be Tali Vas Normandy

Rarity would be The salarian dude(forgot his name)

Celestia would be Admiral Hackett

Discord would be the Illusive Man

Luna would Be Anderson

Shining Armor would either be Grunt or Urdnot Wrex

Pinkie Pie would be Aria T'lok (before she was the shadow broker)

King Sombra would be Saren

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Let's see then:


Applejack - Urdnot Wrex (Steadfast with a strong sense of honour)


Fluttershy - Tali'Zorah vas Neema (Shy and timid, but with the ability to get very, very passionate on some matters or situations)


Pinkie Pie - Harbinger (Harby's really a nice guy deep down!)


Rainbow Dash - Garrus Vakarian (Somewhat snarky and arrogant, but loyal to the end)


Rarity - I have absolutely no idea.


Twilight Sparkle - Commander Shepard (A symbol of the potential of her race and an intelligent and witty leader)


I honestly can't give you anything for Rarity though, I can't think of any characters who have a similar personality in Mass Effect.

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Here goes...


Twilight Sparkle - Tali

Fluttershy - Liara

AJ - Willams

Dash - Jack

Rarity - Miranda

Pinkie Pie - Kelly Chambers


Derpy - Conrad Verner

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Ah. Love my Mass Effect <3


Anywho, here's what I think.

  • Applejack- Commander Shepard
  • Twilight- Tali'Zorah
  • Pinkie Pie- Aria T'Lok
  • Fluttershy- Liara
  • Rainbow Dash- GARRUS
  • Rarity- Miranda
  • Spike- Kaiden?
  • Discord- Illusive Man
  • Celestia- Admiral Hacket
  • Shining Armor- Wrex
  • Sombra- Saren
  • Alicorn Twilight- Space magic God child >:C

All that would mean would be that the show would have an absolutely terrible ending. Nothing else to it.

Season 3's ending was almost as bad anyway.

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Season 3's ending was almost as bad anyway.

Fair point, they are both the third additions in each series too. It's like EA and Hasbro met up and conspired against us all, just to piss the fans off.

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It's a bit hard for me to answer this question, considering the Mass Effect story.


... Oh God... This is like Mass Effect 2 all over again where I want everyone to live. It saddened me greatly when not everyone did.


... Okay, here goes.


Rainbow Dash = Commander Shepard (both fem and male are fine)

Fluttershy = Tali'Zorah

Twilight Sparkle = Liara

Celestia = Admiral Hackett

Luna = ... ... I really don't want to say Anderson here, but it seems to be the only role that fits her.

Pinkie Pie = Jeff "Joker" Moreau (Normandy's pilot)

Rarity = ... EDI

Applejack = Garrus (because like Applejack, Garrus is also quite dependable and quite honest)

Shining Armor = Captain/Major Kirrahe ("Today, we will hold the line!")

Cadance = Dr. Chakwas

Spike = James Vega

Discord = The Illusive Man

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