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Little colt needs a name


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Hi there,


Was wondering if anyone could help me come up with a good name for a little colt character?


He's going to star in an animated cartoon with Applejack, and Rainbow Dash but before I get to far in the screenplay this little guy needs a name.


As for his personality:


He is a Pegasus pony and dreams of flying above the clouds with his father, the colt is to small yet to fly and that would never stop him from trying. He's a kind, daring, adventurous pony with a heart of gold. He wares a pair of goggles given to him by his father and has no cutie mark yet.


I'm also attaching a drawing of the character to help any, I'm just not sure of a good name for this pony and was hoping you would have a better idea then I.


Me and Colt both thank you ^_^


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"What about a shadowdash as a name for it" That's pretty cool, but am not so sure yet. Am thinking something a bit more gentle? I guess is the word.



"-Cast, a little more info about the character would be great."


Well this character is an out going young colt, he loves to be out doors with his father and is the apple in his fathers eye as it where. In the story (I don't wana give to much away) something will happen that will change his life forever and will have to learn to let go.


He has yellow / orange hair, and a darker blue body like my avatar (same character)


I'm trying to think of a name that's true to the innocent little child he is, but also true for being a Pegasus being majestic in nature.


If there is anything else you want to know please ask not sure if this is coming out right or making since lol

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There already are characters named Lightning Streak and Fire Streak, if the colt will have Streak in it's name also that would be boring xD


Ah ponyfeathers, right. I can hardly keep track of every single one of them out there... :wacko:

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Thank you everyone for your help I think I have decided on the name Blaze it seems to work well with the character, thank you all for all the great names it was really hard to decide lol.

Princess Diadem Skystrom thanks a lot for that one!

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Sparky, Sunny, Rocket, Bonfire, Thunder, KingStar, Cloud Jumper, Cosmetic Flare, AfterShock, Wisdom, HawkFire, ShadowStorm, Bandit, ThunderJam, ThunderWarrior, Lancelot, LightningBullet, DangerCosmic, ShadowLava, Charcoal, StarBucks, HotShot, Skipper, ShadowSpirit, Derby Snowcap, RockySplash, StarDust, SeaCharm, ThunderLight, BuckShot, Bullet, ArrowAce, BlackBlazer, ControlledLove, and Boomerang. Hoped these helped! :D

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Cast? TagTeamCast?

hmmmmm What about Shadow LionHeart? or let me think of another one......


Lionheart eh?



That's the name I gave to my Alicorn character in that comic "Legend of the Alicorn" that I never finished.

I let the viewers name him and someone mentioned Lionheart (as a reference to The Brothers Lionheart). The comic never really got the fan basis it needed for me to work on it.


I might write it out as a fan fic soon since that's MUCH easier!



But anyway nice to see you found a name. Blaze is not the most original name, but it is fitting for your colt! :D


Can't wait to see the project when it is finished.

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