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Started a Tumblr group.

Captain Marvelous

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So I decided to start a tumblr pony-rp group thing.




So since I see a lot of people role playing "crazy" ponies recently, I thought, why not just a crazy Ponyville.


Posted Image



“All the ponies in this town are crazy”

...and we wouldn’t want it any other way.




So in this group, if you wish too you can sign up to be a pony that lives in PsychoPonyVille (ie. Twilight Sparkle) but of course, you already have to be role-playing that character (ie. Fluttermama is Fluttershy) and if that character is already taken... well sorry.



Good thing: if you do sign up, you get free reblogs on entries... so you know.




just be careful... alot of creepy ponies out there...

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