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I can try!! I'm gonna get on that now actually... I've been thinking about making Pinkie for a while now... laugh.png I shall post her when she is finished!!! happy.png

Here's Pinkie Pie! laugh.png I hope everyone likes her!!!smile.png Now to make Rarity, Twilight and Applejack! Then I will have all of the mane six... Perhaps I will make the CMC too...



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Naw....  It doesn't take all that long... Using Minecraft and all of the blocks you just form shapes.... It's kinda hard to describe in words... It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 100 days... it depends how big you make it and how determined you are to finish it. I did one project once that took me three weeks.... You can actually see part of it in the Luna picture... Do you see the Windfish from Link's Awakening in the background(That's the giant whale thing behind Luna)? That took me three weeks... 

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I finished Rarity!! *yay* :D  I hope everypony likes her as much as I do!!! I plan to finish the other mane six soon!happy.png  After that I will get started on the CMC!!laugh.png



After watching a review on Sleeplessness in Ponyville, I decided I should make something to do with Dashie and Scootaloo... So here they are in a nice hug :wub:



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About an hour on average... Glad you like Luna!! My favorite has to be Celestia... Just that face.... It makes me burst into laughter whenever I see it... I even had to take a few breaks when making her because of my laughter... biggrin.png

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