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writing Dreams


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I was once that of which dreams were comprised.

A disaster amongst reality and distress in the life of subtle things.

And to the dreams, and components that make them so, I was the suited catalyst.


Continuity, forsake my name. Remember everything that I promised I was.


Make use of the improper adjectives so well deserving to be placed upon me.

You knew me for what you only believed.


I was once a dream

I was once what I cannot claim to be.

Does anyone dare to follow through unsatisfying demands?




I know that of the littlest imagination thought possible by the likes of you.

Knowledge of that which is destined to be compromised and unwanted.

It is with such a deviation of your aspirations in reality and fantasy that make my dreams


I know this, now, all too well in the infamy of despise which casts its dark shadows upon me.

My dreams, as they were and now stand to be, were that of a phantom.



-David Favret

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