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Unicorn Arty


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Young adult







Cutie Mark:

Pencil drawing


A joker and carefree, but also anti-social and a bit violent, a reason for that is because of an experience in the past. And in Shifted: An airhead


Arty is a young unicorn who loves to draw with a pencil and paper. As stated above, he was bullied in Magic Academy, where in the process, he started hating most ponies and decided to bully anyone that tries to bully him with his magic, as a result, the bullying stopped and his fellow schoolmates got scared of him that most ponies sit away from him in class. After graduating from Magic Academy, he moved to Ponyville to escape what he calls "The harsh life in Canterlot". He loved his new home, and decided to work for the mayor of Ponyville, organizing the annual events that happen in the peaceful town and hopes that some of the work he drew will be displayed in the Canterlot Museum of Art.

Background in Shifted:

After graduating from a community collage with an associate's degree in art, he created a comic under the pen name "Eric Valdez" about the lives of a boy and girl facing the harsh reality of living in a totalitarian state that was recently created after a coup d'etat by the military. It was released in separate volumes and became a hit with young adults, but just as the final volume to the series was about to be released, the rift opened and he decided to go in, thinking it was just an illusion. The next time he woke up, he couldn't remember who he was, what he did, anything and found out that he was a pony. From that point on, he attempts to uncover who he was.


He actually knows several spells, but he mostly uses his telekenisis on drawing, often to the point where he gets cramps from exerting too much energy

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