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The avatar above just punched you. Your reaction?


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You may break the sound barer and create a sonic rainboom but, nothing beats the trill of flying in a lighting storm. At any moment you could easily lose your life. The sound of thunder, the flash of lighting, and high speeds, nothing compares to it.

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Oh... That's it!


You sir are on my punchlist! You will be scheduled to be pwned on the Monday nest week (Lets just say) and I'm not taking this very lightly! Until then, you are free to go... You have approx. 3 days before your life's end...


Or Looking for a challenge aye? You could challenge me to a race! For you life! Bwahahahaha!

The distance will be approx. 48 10078 km and no rest is allowed.First pony to cross the finish line wins their opponent's soul!

But if you win, you get to keep yours and get away with it!


Sounds fair?

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