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Happy dreams


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Together we are,

in my happy dreams.

Forever we stay,

happiness we always feel.

This is the dream that I crave for,

this is the dream I will die for.

I never want to lose you,

yet I am always afraid you will leave me.

The future looks so bright in my head,

but fear muddles me down.

I want us to be happy together,

but horrible thoughts crave my fear.

You say you love me,

but then you say you are bored.

My constant love and attention is not to your pleasure,

wishing other subjects were handled.

But you are the only thing that goes through my mind,

the only interesting subject there is.

But alas,

that subject must not stay.

For years I have given my heart to others,

and the same situation occurs.

I cannot change how I am,

no matter how much I try.

You tire of "I love you",

yet you say it as well.

Now I am afraid to say this at all in fear you will be bored,

and that pains my heart.

Please don't leave me like all the others,

I want you to be the one who saves me.

You have done it before,

and I wish you will do it again.

I hope these happy dreams stay alive,

and do not become vicious nightmares.

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I am afraid

The magic you whisper about

Has run out from my fingers

And no longer can I

Be your Superwoman

But by the steps I make

And the breaths I take

I will not let you fall

I will not let your touch slip from mine

Because I'm still nestled close to your heart

And I'm not letting go

If anyone's got anything to say on it

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So, lemme get this straight, you two love each other but you don't?


In all honesty I have no idea what's going on here, can someone explain?


They do love each other very much. Its just that Finest/rose has been through a couple of heartbreaks and bad moments in his life. He doesn't want another one. He is afraid of disappointing his now new love.


That is the abridged version of it anyway.

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