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S04:E05 - Flight to the Finish


S04:E05 - Flight to the Finish  

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The song is decent but as far as CMC songs go I think I prefer Bad Seed, seeing Macho Pony (most people either know him as Snowflake or Steroid Pony) is of course always welcome.

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Wait a minute, I'm kinda worried now. Is Diamond Tiara going to say something about Scoots' wings? Not cool.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here.


Edit: Seriously, fuck Diamond Tiara. Where is Rainbow Dash when Scootaloo needs her?

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:eww: Bucking Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon!  Just when I thought they couldn't get any worse.


Silver Spoon: "We already called them blank flanks, we've got no other insults!!!"


Diamond Tiara: "Wait, I've got it... RACISM!!!"


Seriously, BUCK YOU TWO!!!  :angry:

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