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S04:E05 - Flight to the Finish


S04:E05 - Flight to the Finish  

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Ms harsh whinny has some like mouth problems...


It's just an accent, methinks.


I sorta agree with her though... calm down Dashie!


Does this mean Rainbow Dash has two middle names? Danger, and now Professionalism.

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I actually don't hate Harshwinny... Shes pretty funny


The way she interacts with Dashie is kinda warming me up to her. 


I didn't really like her in Season 3

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Awesome musical number!  Also, apparently Snowflake has a phobia of butterflies.  ^_^


Finally, who other than me lost it when Ms. Harshwhinny went, "Wow me"?  :lol:

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So, thoughts during the ad break:

  • I like Harshwhinny. It's a great strand of character to have. You can also tell that she's really passionate about those games - underneath those stern words are chuckles when the thoughts of the Equestria Games crosses her mind, and it becomes clear that she's just anxious to find the best ever flag carriers for the event.
  • I also really like Rainbow Dash's chemistry with Harshwhinny.
  • Song was wonderful. Really catchy, bobbing my head to it the whole way through. Snowflake was an extremely welcome cameo. <3
  • Did anyone else notice during the argument with DT&SS, that Apple Bloom was staring nobody down at the end? She was just glaring into space :)
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