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S05:E05 - Tanks for the Memories


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It's no wonder why Rainbow Dash is denying that tortoises don't hibernate. Sometimes she can be too loyal to the point where she's afraid to lose her friends. Of course, she hates losing in general.

She is basically Percy Jackson.

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Wow! Spike is the sane one when Rainbow came to him for Reptile Expert Advice. About time Spike again show he knows better.


Rainbow: But if you don't have to hibernate, why should Tank?

Spike: Because he's a tortoise and I'm a dragon!

Rainbow: Same Family, though, right?

Spike: NO!

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This Open Skies, Clear Skies, Fluffy Clouds, etc...I love it. That is officially one of my favorite pieces of dialogue now. 

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This song is much better than what I've expected. Normally I don't like Rainbow's singing, but in this episode in particular it shows that Ashleigh Ball has practiced. :3

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Why is she sneaking around? I don't think anyone is going to question Rainbow Dash being in Cloudsdale.....Or even at the weather factory. Because isn't she, like, the manager or the weather team or something?


Of course if she is, something like this may cause her to lose her job. 

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